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In New Zealand we’re reaching the end of summer – though some people wonder where that was.  In many parts of the northern hemisphere the winter has been marked by severe storms, rain and flooding and colder than usual temperatures.

While the northerners are beginning to see signs of spring (even in Denmark according to my son) in New Zealand we are into end of summer harvesting from our gardens. In our garden the zucchinis are almost done, green beans are coming through with enough to freeze and I’m picking heaps of tomatoes. The excess of tomatoes will be heading for jars of pasta sauce to use during the winter.

Cucumbers got too dry so these didn’t make the cut this year but lettuces and spring onions have filled out salad bowls along with tomatoes and herbs, especially basil all from the garden. lettuces in old tyre

I don’t try to grow everything we eat as we have a fresh market of locally grown vegetables every Saturday where I can get other vegetables that don’t grow so well in our garden.

Recently I was alerted to a fascinating book of interesting “stuff”  THE FANTASTIC SIXTIES TRIVIA BOOK. The cult classic is back, with irreverent questions covering the social history of the 1960s, pop, rock, fashion, books, film, sport, etc. Everything that’s worth remembering, and many things best-forgotten. Now available as an ebook.  Only $3.58 Kindle Edition from Amazon

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