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keep those insects away

February 6, 2016 | Filed under Home health remedies

Here’s a handy and easy to prepare insect repellent that is safe on most skins, even babies.

Use equal amounts of dettol, baby oil and water. Mix together and put into a spray bottle and spray on to a makeup remover pad or similar so you can wipe it on to small children without the risk of getting it in their eyes.

If you do get bitten then use this remedy to stop the itching.

Ginger Syrup to cure a cough

December 30, 2013 | Filed under Home health remedies

Surendra wrote:

My mother in law lives in Canada,she’s got a bad cough,once her daughter was in n.z and I don’t know from where she bought a bottle of Ginger Syrup and that cured her cough. Can you please tell me where can I buy this n.z made ginger syrup.

Judy replied:

I don’t know exactly what ginger syrup your mother-in-law tried.  A ginger and lemon drink has good health promoting properties and when sweetened with honey you have a soothing drink that helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. Try our recipe for Lemon, Honey and Ginger Syrup.  If you don’t have easy access to lemons there are commercial version of this syrup available in supermarkets and health shops.

Alternatively you might want to try Lifestream Ginger Syrup. This is the closest I’ve found to the syrup you asked about.


Ginger Syrup

How to treat a jellyfish sting

December 22, 2011 | Filed under Home health remedies

Sometimes beaches that are popular swimming spots get invaded by jellyfish in the summer. The stings can be quite painful.  To deal with jellyfish stings: …Read more

removing warts

July 20, 2011 | Filed under Home health remedies

Trish asked how to get rid of warts on hands.

There are many ideas on how to get rid of warts.  We’ve had three suggestions  for you to try. …Read more

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