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Today we are becoming more conscious of how our actions impact on the environment and future generations. Some of the information about maintaining our home and environs came about because you might ask “Dad, How do I…?”

How to remove orange pollen stains from curtains

June 4, 2014 | Filed under Stain removal

Wendy has asked “How can I remove orange lily stains off cream curtains please”

I’ve checked this out with a florist and been told that the orange stain is in fact pollen and you shouldn’t rub it or wet it. If you put the sticky side of sellotape over the stain, the pollen will lift off when you take the tape away. repeat as necessary.

Alternatively you can leave the stain till it’s dry then brush it with a pipe cleaner or some polystyrene, then put the curtains in the sun.

Cleaning natural tiles with textured finish

January 28, 2014 | Filed under Cleaning hints and tips

Diane writes “I have moved into a barn conversion and the kitchen floor has lovely natural tiles  which have a pretty uneven finish.  They look great but how do I clean them???  If I use an old fashioned mop it shreds and sticks and I cant use a flat sponge type mop as it sort of skids over the surface.  Would an electric steamer be the answer??”

Our initial response is:

The best answer I can find is to use a white vinegar mixture (try ½ cup vinegar to 1 litre (1½ pints) of water.  Wet the tiles and then scrub with a hard brush.   If you have a large area this may not be so easy. You may have to use a long handled yard type broom.  Or maybe even a soft bristled broom may work.

I’ll be really interested to hear how you go with these tiles.

Ginger Syrup to cure a cough

December 30, 2013 | Filed under Home health remedies

Surendra wrote:

My mother in law lives in Canada,she’s got a bad cough,once her daughter was in n.z and I don’t know from where she bought a bottle of Ginger Syrup and that cured her cough. Can you please tell me where can I buy this n.z made ginger syrup.

Judy replied:

I don’t know exactly what ginger syrup your mother-in-law tried.  A ginger and lemon drink has good health promoting properties and when sweetened with honey you have a soothing drink that helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. Try our recipe for Lemon, Honey and Ginger Syrup.  If you don’t have easy access to lemons there are commercial version of this syrup available in supermarkets and health shops.

Alternatively you might want to try Lifestream Ginger Syrup. This is the closest I’ve found to the syrup you asked about.


Ginger Syrup

Curry stain on carpet

July 28, 2013 | Filed under Stain removal

If you have spilled some curry on the carpet, try to clean it up as soon as you can.  It is the turmeric in the curry mixture that causes the stain and the problem.

Make a mixture of …Read more

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