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Take a plate

August 6, 2012 | Filed under Eating as a social activity

This term has caused many an embarrassing moment for newcomers to New Zealand who literally ‘take a plate’ when asked to when they go out.  It can be  included on invitations to the puzzlement of those not brought up in New Zealand and who don’t realise that is means take a dish of food.  More recently it may have been superseded by ‘pot-luck’ which means the same – take a dish of food appropriate to the time of day.

I don’t know the origin of ‘take a plate’ but it has been defined as:

“New Zealand slang not meaning an actual plate but as in a dish of food. Used in social situations went organizing a dinner party or get together. Bring a plate with food on it, not and empty plate”. This definition is from Urban Dictionary

Home-made dishwasher powder

July 6, 2010 | Filed under Kitchen hygiene and habits

Have you ever worried about the caustic content of  your store bought dishwasher powder?  Did it occur to you that you could make your own dishwasher powder?   Well, you can and it’s not hard. Try this one … …Read more

Edible Christmas gifts

December 17, 2009 | Filed under Eating as a social activity

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, then think food.

There are lots of things you can make that will give a lot of pleasure. These ideas might take a bit of your precious time but won’t cost much in dollars The time spent will be really appreciated by the person on the receiving end. …Read more

How to remove nasty smells in the freezer

June 9, 2009 | Filed under Kitchen hygiene and habits

You’ve had an extended power outage and your freezer was full of food that has gone bad and left a nasty lingering odour.

The best way to deal with this is to remove and throw away all the food. Even if individual items don’t smell, there is a food poisoning hazard and no food from the freezer should be eaten. …Read more

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