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Your garden loves coffee too

June 30, 2014 | Filed under Tip of the Day, Growing vegetables

You love your morning coffee to get you started on your day.  But what do you do with your coffee grounds?  Flush them down the sink or the toilet?  uh-uh – not a good idea unless you want big plumber’s bills for unclogging your drains. Tip them into your rubbish to go to the landfill?  Maybe but a bit of a waste of good used coffee grounds?

Why would you waste such good garden food when your plants will love you for feeding them your left over coffee.  Now how good it that – yo get to enjoy your morning coffee fix – and your garden grows better with the leftover coffee grounds.

Check out twelve ways of using coffee in your garden.

If you;re not a coffee drinker but you’re happy to see your garden grow better go to your local cafe/barista/coffee cart and ask for the bag of coffee grounds that they often have waiting – for someone just like you



To discourage slugs in your garden

September 30, 2013 | Filed under Tip of the Day

To discourage slugs in your garden put some beer in a shallow dish in places where you see slugs.

Ice pack for sprains

September 23, 2013 | Filed under Tip of the Day

If you sprain your ankle or do some other muscular damage, put an ice pack on as soon as possible for 15-20 minutes and repeat every hour.  The ice lowers the temperature around the injured area and and minimises swelling.  A packet of frozen peas wrapped in a towel is a quick fix if you don’t have a lot of ice. NOTE: if the peas thaw out , don’t refreeze as they may then contain harmful bacteria.

To keep fabrics soft

September 16, 2013 | Filed under Tip of the Day

Instead of using commercial fabric softener in your laundry, use while vinegar.  Fill the dispenser with white vinegar and feel how soft your towels are afterwards. If you can dry towels and sheets outside where there is a breeze, they will smell fresh and feel lovely and soft.

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