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Children’s penguin theme party : Arctic Chow

Penguins love fish, so serve fish sticks, and cut fish shapes out of bread to make fanciful sandwiches. Goldfish crackers are another idea kids will snap up.

Anything cold is an obvious choice for a penguin party.  Ice cream is a perfect idea; chocolate coated bars will work well.

For drinks, serve milkshakes along with cool straws; have the straws double as take-home party favors.

Or freeze a dome shaped block of ice using a plastic mixing bowl; when water is completely frozen, turn it out of the bowl and use a butter knife or a kitchen mallet to chip it and create an iceberg shape (adults ONLY for this duty, please). Float the finished iceberg in some punch. Add small ice chips around the area of the iceberg.

Peppermint and other wintry candies will be a huge hit. Peppermint gum is the yum for kids over the age of four. Gumdrops and rainbow-flavor/decorated candies are delicious, too, and fit your winter wonderland theme perfectly.

For the cake, frost two tiers in white icing. Draw a water slide down one side of the cake over both tiers using blue icing or blue decorating gel. Place novelty plastic miniature penguins along the slide or your scene.

Chill out and have some fun!

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From Chris Molnar, Winnipeg, Canada. Chris is a writer, proud Dad of two preschool kids, and contributes theme party ideas to various websites. He is editor of Themeaparty.com.