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Children’s penguin theme party : The Coolest Party Activities

October 15, 2011 | Filed under Children's parties

Here are some ideas to keep your young guests happy at a penguin themed party.

Let kids make penguin t-shirts. A few days before the party, buy inexpensive black shirts at your local dollar store or thrift shop, or purchase white undershirts/t-shirts and dye them black (follow the directions exactly and make sure to run an empty load through afterward to remove the last of the dye). At the party, have the kids glue on a white felt penguin belly to the front of each shirt with water-resistant permanent craft glue. Glue  a black bowtie to the neck of each shirt and you’re done

Set up an “igloo” using a white sheet draped across chairs or, even better, soft furniture in case kids bump into one another as they take turns playing inside.

Have a Penguin Beanbag Bowling competition. Set up emptied, thoroughly cleaned and dried aluminum cans on one side of the room (decorate these ahead of time if you wish with glitter; be sure to file down any rough edges on the cans).

A few feet away, have kids line up and toss plush penguin toys to try to knock down all the cans. Or cut a penguin shape out of felt, fill with sand or beans and glue the edges together with craft glue and use that as the “bowling ball” bean bag.

Let kids cut out their own fun snowflakes to take home.

Snowball toss: Line guests up in pairs across from one another. Have them toss a styrofoam ball back and forth (one snowball for each pair). When a ball is dropped, that pair is “out.”

To wind down the party, play Happy Feet, an episode of Penguins of Madagascar or March of the Penguins in your DVD player. So this isn’t a completely passive activity, have print outs of penguin coloring pages so they color while awaiting their parents.

For other ideas for a penguin party theme click here for invitations and decor and here for party food.

From Chris Molnar, Winnipeg, Canada. Chris is a writer, proud Dad of two preschool kids, and contributes theme party ideas to various websites. He is editor of


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