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Lunch box ideas

March 26, 2009 | Filed under Encouraging young appetites

Little packets of food have been around for a long time, eg, raisins, processed cheese, yoghurt pottles etc.  Now there is a whole range of individual servings packaged up to tempt you and your children – chippies, chocolate bars, single packs of biscuits, mini sized biscuits. And so it goes on.

My daughters still remember having to bring their raisin packets home to be refilled from the cheaper bulk pack for school the next day.  Evidently they were the only ones in their class who didn’t have a fresh raisin packet each day. (Well so they said!)

The small size packs appeal to young children because they are manageable and to the older ones because their food can fit into their pocket so they can snack on it as they continue with their other activities

You can expand on this concept by using small containers, self locking plastic bags and filling them yourself with any of the foods your children enjoy. Or you can wrap small portions in cling wrap or aluminum foil.

For example, cut their favourite sandwiches into

  • small squares
  • triangles
  • animal shapes using a cookie cutter

Pack them into 2-3 small containers so that your child can eat the contents of one container at a time.  They get a certain feeling of satisfaction when they see an empty container.

Include some special food such as a small bunch of grapes, a bag of popcorn, a few juicy strawberries, a handful of cherry tomatoes.

If there is any competition at school about bought or home made lunches, here is a way to make your child’s lunch look impressive. You might even start a trend!

These ideas will work for children from 2 to 12 years and even older.  Small portions will appeal to the teens who don’t want to look as if they are eating too much or who don’t want to stop what they are doing to sit down and eat.

The ideas will work in various situations such as:

  • school and day-care lunches
  • in the car for short or long distance trips
  • at the café for Sunday Brunch – a great distraction while the little ones wait for their brunch dish
  • at the local playground
  • during the supermarket shopping trip with toddlers


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