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More lunch box ideas

Here are some more ideas for filling your child’s lunch box with small snacks to encourage healthy eating.  You can use these at home or away.  If you are at home, you can use small plates instead of covered plastic containers to make a change.  A plate divided into segments will be fun at home too.

Small sticks of carrot or celery with a small container of hummus dip

Scones or muffins cooked in mini muffin pans

Salami sticks

Leftover cold sausage cut into 1cm slices with a small container of tomato sauce

Mini meatballs with a small container of tomato sauce

Fresh fruit, preferably ready to eat.  Oranges, kiwifruit, mandarins, strawberries and other berries in season, plums are best as many other fruits go brown when cut and exposed to light – not an appetizing look!

Fresh peas in the pod or sugar snap peas,

Baby pikelets

Dried fruit – choose items your child likes from the bulk bins at the supermarket