Finger painting

April 3, 2009 | Filed under: Inexpensive play

Your child can help make this finger paint as well as being able to enjoy creating great art works with it later.


2 cups white flour
2 cups cold water
blue, red and green
food colouring


1  Put water into a large bowl
2  Add the flour half a cup at a time
3  When all the flour has been added, divide the mixture into three smaller bowls
4  Add different coloured food colouring to each bowl
5  Mix well

You also need:

  • Sheets of paper – recycled computer paper, clean newsprint or brown paper are ideal.  Even old newspapers can become unrecognisable when ‘fingerpainted’
  • An old adult shirt to cover each child

It is best to have this activity in the kitchen, outside or somewhere with no carpet underfoot.

If you must let your child loose with  finger paint in a carpeted room, do put down a large sheet of heavy plastic or several old sheets or heaps of newspaper to cover every possible place the finger paint can be dropped or flicked!

Preparation for messy play like this saves a lot of stress and tension so everyone can enjoy this time.

It is a good habit to encourage your child to help clean up after finger painting, or any activity really.

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