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School holidays activities 2. Start a garden indoors

Winter school holidays can be a challenge to find activities to keep the children occupied when its often cold and wet.

Starting seeds is a fun activity, and it’s great to do with kids!

There are a lot of clever ways to start seeds, too. Planting my seeds in eggshells makes it easy to label and a great source of calcium for the plant, but you can also use ice cream cones or empty egg cartons.  Ask your garden centre for suitable seeds that will grow quickly.

It’ll be a while yet before the seedlings can go outside, so you’ll need to come up with a plan for where they can live in the meantime that works well with your home (and the two and four legged traffic therein).

If the seedlings start to look spindly and weak, make a tent out of clear plastic and some bamboo stakes and pop the ‘garden’  in a sheltered spot outside.

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