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Clear the clutter at home

Is your home cluttered with stuff you don’t need.  Have you ever tried to get rid of the clutter in your home? How often do you look at stuff you don’t need and just sigh and walk away.

Well  – how about sorting out what you do and don’t need – or want.  It’s time to take drastic measures that give clutter a new life somewhere else.

Don’ t know where to start?  Try going in to one room at a time with 4 boxes.

Label the boxes with these 4 categories.


Rubbish – Into this box goes any items that you don’t need or want any more, but that are damaged or broken and can’t be sold or donated.

Give Away/Sell – Be generous!! Think about the uses someone else might get out of the items versus the use they get in your home buried in cabinets or closets. Consider the financial benefits of selling your stuff at a garage sale or in an online auction (eg Trademe or eBay).

Storage – Put items in this box that you really can’t part with but don’t need on a regular basis. Make an inventory of the items as you box them. Group similar items together. Remember one good way to clean out cupboards and drawers is to store out of season clothing in another space.

Put Away – This should be your smallest category. These are items that you need on a regular basis. Monitor yourself by deciding  if you have a place for each item. If the items in this box won’t fit into your home without cluttering up an area , have another think – Do you really need them? If you do need these “essentials”, get a storage solution that fits into your home, don’t just leave the stuff  in boxes.