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No more mislaid keys

For years I could never remember where I put my car keys when I came home.  Very frustrating next time I’m running out the door to catch a train or bus and – oh wherever did I leave them last night?!!

Last year when I was on holiday, I found a (very expensive) magnetic key holder.  I thought it would be the answer to my problem and almost bought it.

However I resisted the temptation but kept the idea in my head. When I got home I looked around to see if I could find a handy place where I would store the sets of house and car keys.

I put up some hooks in a handy but unobtrusive corner of the kitchen.  It’s a place I walk past every time I come in or out of the house.

It’s been almost a year now and I realised recently that it has definitely become a habit.

I drop my keys on to a hook every time I come into the house from the car.

I wonder how much time I’ve saved, not to mention the peace of mind when I leave the house.