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Cleaning natural tiles with textured finish

Diane writes “I have moved into a barn conversion and the kitchen floor has lovely natural tiles  which have a pretty uneven finish.  They look great but how do I clean them???  If I use an old fashioned mop it shreds and sticks and I cant use a flat sponge type mop as it sort of skids over the surface.  Would an electric steamer be the answer??”

Our initial response is:

The best answer I can find is to use a white vinegar mixture (try ½ cup vinegar to 1 litre (1½ pints) of water.  Wet the tiles and then scrub with a hard brush.   If you have a large area this may not be so easy. You may have to use a long handled yard type broom.  Or maybe even a soft bristled broom may work.

I’ll be really interested to hear how you go with these tiles.