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Clean the bathroom without effort

If you hate cleaning the bathroom, then here’s a quick way to do it without thinking about it – well almost. Do it while you’re using the bathroom.


Give yourself a few extra minutes in the shower to clean it while you’re showering.

Take your bathroom cleaner and cloth into the shower with you and wipe down the walls before or after you’ve cleaned your body.

It only takes a few minutes and you can rinse the walls as you go.  You’re already wet so it doesn’t matter if you get sprayed with water as you rinse the shower walls.

Handbasin and vanity unit

On your first visit to the bathroom in the morning, give the basin and vanity a quick whisk over with a cloth.

Once a week (or more if you need to), spray the basin and vanity with bathroom cleaner before you wipe it with the cloth.


Give the toilet seat and surrounds a wipe  with bathroom cleaner on a cloth, paper towel or a length of toilet paper while you are in the bathroom at some stage of the day.  If you have children, you could do this while you are supervising a bath or teeth cleaning.


Its a bit harder to clean the floor during the day when the bathrom is constantly being used. So maybe its a late at night job when everyone else is in bed.

You could make it a habit to take a wet mop with you on your last visit to the bathroom for the day.  When you have finished your ablutions, then spray the floor with bathroom cleaner, whizz the mop around the floor, then put it away as you go to bed.

If you have small boys, you could try Wee Targets to save time on cleaning the floor!   Wee Targets are a fun  way to encourage small boys to aim straight!  They work!!  My daughter can vouch for that!  Check out Wee Targets in NZ or  in  Australia

Hey presto – all done!