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How to remove smells from washing machines

I figure that even though we put heaps of really  dirty, smelly  stuff goes through a washing machine every day, every week, every year – think footy fear, gym socks and towels, mechanics overalls  – we expect the washing machine to just keep on keeping on.  And they do.  But then there comes the day when we wonder why there’s a smell of stale dirty water

If your washing machine has got to this stage, then its time for the baking soda treatment.  Its easy really.

Put the washing machine on to the hottest setting and add 1/2 cup baking soda.  You can add 1 cup white vinegar at this point if you want to, but the baking soda will work on its own.

Let the washing machine complete a full cycle without any clothes in it, then wipe the inside surface with a clean cloth to remove any residue that has been loosened by the treatment.

Run a cold water cycle to complete the process.

This is called a maintenance cycle and should be run every few months depending on how much washing you have in your household,  I would suggest every 3 months if you are doing a big wash of kids clothes every day.  For a household of 2-3 adults, once a year would probably do it.  It depends on the age of the washing machine as well.