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removing warts

Trish asked how to get rid of warts on hands.

There are many ideas on how to get rid of warts.  We’ve had three suggestions  for you to try.

1 Melaleuca Oil

Bev has used Melaleuca Oil.  Melaleuca is the botanical name for tea tree oil and is available from Melaleuca : The Wellness Company  www.melaleuca.com Their oil is very high quality and available in two strengths T36-C5 and added strength T40-C3

For isolated common warts, apply T36-C5 each morning and night faithfully for up to 3 weeks.  If the wart is thick and dry, shave the excess away before applying T36-C5.

For body warts you could also bathe in a hot tub with 1oz of Sol-U-Mel and 1oz of Renew Bath Oil for 30 mins – these products contain Melaleuca oil. Some warts require the added strength of T40-C3 to disappear.

An alternate solution is to apply our Renew Intensive Skin Therapy (this is the product that we have so much success with eczema).  This will be a slower process but just as effective.

Other brands of Tea Tree Oil available may not be very high quality or may be diluted so take care if you’re shopping around.  I can give you Bev’s contact details if you want to contact her to buy Melaleuca Oil

2 Homeopathic remedy

Lesley, who is a Homeobotanical practitioner, recommends a homeopathic remedy  – either Homeopathic Thuja 6c or Causticum 6c. Dosage will be on the bottle. For an even better result alternate these two remedies. Use one for 3 days and then the other for 3 days.

3 Milkweed

Jeanine says her mother used to swear by milkweed to cure her brother’s warts.  What she means is the milky sap from a garden weed commonly known as milkweed.  However there are many plants known as milkweed so you need to know which is the one that has a milky secretion that is good for curing warts.

Can anyone help us out with a photo or some more detail?  If not then, Trish I suggest stick with the Melalauca Oil or the homeopathic remedy