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Preparing for a job interview

You’ve found a job advert that looks just like you.

You’ve sent off your CV.

And yea – you’ve been asked to attend an interview.

 Now what?

 When that phone call comes, try to strike a balance between ‘over the moon excited’ and a ho hum response that says ‘OK, see ya’.

Although you are probably not talking to the person who needs a new staffer, your personal manner is totally important from now on.  So far this person only knows you through your writing style and the information in your CV.  Now you can back up the paper work with your personality.  Now is your chance to really go and get that job.

The phone call asking you to come in for an interview is the first chance you get to make a personal impression. You need to sound pleased and enthusiastic.  Try not to jump up and down and get too excited though until after the phone call has ended.

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