Its feijoa season again – love ’em or hate ’em!

April 22, 2018 | Filed under: Home post

This afternoon when I was  out enjoying the Autumn sunshine, it seems that every street had at least one table or box at their gate with a sign saying ‘Feijoas $2 per bag.” It’s the same every year with people who have a feijoa tree having more than they can use and other people who don’t have a tree or even a garden,  are desperate to get them without paying the supermarket prices (can be up to $9 ore even more).

So what to do with all these feijoas.  Well I’ve given lots away,  I bottle them, freeze them and this year I’ve made jam – which was very easy and will keep this household in jam for sometime. .  I’ve also made a feijoa and ginger upside-down cake and tonight it was a feijoa take on the chocolate self-saucing pudding.  Both these desserts are delicious and I’ll be posting the recipes very soon.




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