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Cooking with herbs

Herbs add flavour to savoury dishes.  You can use individual herbs or a mixture as you wish.

What you use and how much you use depends on your own tastes.  You can play around a bit and you really can’t go far wrong.

You will need a greater amount of fresh herbs than dried herbs.  The drying process enhances the flavour of the herbs.

Dried herbs lose that enhanced flavour over time though.

You need to keep them in an airtight container and be prepared to throw them out when the intense flavour has gone.

The other major use of herbs is as a garnish for dishes.  The intenseness of the colour greatly enhances the appearance of even the plainest plate.

You can either chop the herbs up and sprinkle over the food, or you can simply add a sprig of basil to a tomato based dish, or parsley to almost anything.

Photo of sage (grey) and rosemary






Photo of basil