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Drying herbs

The secret to well-flavoured dried herbs is freshness.  The first art of freshness is picking the herbs fresh from the garden and starting the dryng process immediately.

I cut bunches of herbs, take them inside and lay them in a single layer between two sheets of paper towels.  Then I carefully lift the sheets into the microwave oven and turn it on for 30 seconds.

I check the process and keep doing this in 30 second batches until the herbs begin to feel crackly. This means they are dry.  I crumble the dried herbs in my hands and pour them into a clean dry jar with a tight fitting lid.

The best time of the year to harvest your herbs is the autumn when there is plenty of growth. Herbs that work well include rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram.

You can also try chives, mint and parsley.  Let us know how this process works for other herbs.  Or you may have a different process that works for you.  We’d love to hear about that too.