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Preserved feijoas – microwaved

May 2, 2017 | Filed under Breakfast / Brunch, Dessert

I’ve preserved feijoas in jars most years to use them long after the season (late Autumn/early winter) is over.  Usually I’ve cooked the fruit on the stovetop and heated the jars in the oven to sterilise them.

This year I decided to try using the microwave oven and it is so much quicker and easier.

I use the preserved feijoas later in the year for fruit desserts such as feijoa crumble or with cereal and yoghurt for breakfast. also put them into muffins or other similar recipes.

You will need

Fresh ripe feijoas
Boiling water
Clean sterilised jars
Bowl of cold water

What you need to do

  1. Peel the feijoas and cut in half or slice
  2. Place cut pieces into bowl of cold water to prevent them going brown while you prepare more
  3. When you have a bowl full, scoop the cut pieces into clean dry jars and fill to the top; in fact slightly overfill as they will shrink as they cook
  4. Half fill the jar with boiling water
  5. Fill 3-4 jars and put into microwave, cook on high for 5 minutes for small jars (up to 15 minutes for large jars) or till you see the liquid bubbling to the top of the jar
  6. Carefully remove jars on to a wooden surface (the jars will be very hot and may break if put on to a cold benchtop or could damage the benchtop)
  7. Top up the the jars right to the top with boiling water so the top pieces of fruit don’t go too brown (if they do go brown they are OK to eat – just don’t look so good)
  8. Wipe the rim of each jar to remove any juice that might stop the jar from sealing
  9. Screw on the metal lids and leave to cool in a place where there are no draughts.


You can check if the lids are tight enough by pushing down in the centre of the lid. You should hear a slight pop.  If you hear a slight hiss instead, tighten the lid or it won’t seal.

I use small jars that have previously contained bought jam or chutneys.  If you have several people in your household who eat feijoas and you have a good supply, you may want to invest in traditional preserving jars with metal seals and lids.

You can sterilise the jars in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees C, or put them through a dishwasher cycle or simply wash them as usual and fill them with boiling water while they are still hot and empty the water out before you put the cut fruit in the jars. (Never pour booing water into empty cold jars as they are very likely to break).



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