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Cheese platter

August 25, 2009 | Filed under Extras

The versatile cheese platter is a great starter served with a drink as guests are arriving.  It makes a classy change from chips and dips.

It is also easy to put together a cheese platter for the final dinner course instead of a dessert. You can serve the platter alone or with coffee or port.

Use the largest plate you have, a large dinner plate is fine if you don’t have a platter.

The basis of a cheese platter is a selection of cheeses and some savoury biscuits.  I suggest try three different cheeses, such as a Camembert, a soft blue cheese and maybe a piece of gouda or a special cheddar.

Choose biscuits that don’t have too many competing flavours so the cheese can stand out.  Traditional water biscuits or whole wheat biscuits work really well. If you are catering for someone who eats gluten free, the rice crackers will do the trick.  It looks nice to have two different sorts of biscuits on the platter.

Place the cheese and biscuits on the platter in an attractive way.

If you are serving a cheese platter to guests who are standing with a drink, make it easier for them to manage by cutting the cheeses into bite size pieces.  The camembert can be cut into 8 -10 wedges and the other cheeses into slices or cubes.

When serving in place of a dessert, a cheese platter looks stunning if you leave the cheeses in one piece and provide a small knife for guests to cut the cheese themselves.

You can dress up the platter with grapes, mandarin segments, sliced tomato or a herb garnish such as parsley.

Pesto and hummus also work well on a large platter to provide variety and colour.

Three cheeses (100-150 gm each) and 1 packet of biscuits will serve 6-8 people.


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