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Gem irons and ginger gems

March 31, 2017 | Filed under In-betweens

A few months ago my daughter Sandra asked me if I still had a gem iron – the really solid cast-iron one she remembered from her childhood.  Currently at home with small children Sandra had decided she wanted to make ginger gems in a real gem iron, the one that you heat in the oven while you prepare the mixture so when you pour the mixture in, it sizzles and you have to work quickly to get the gems in the oven.

gem iron

I hadn’t used it in years so I took the gem iron in my bag when I visited her in Dublin in August last year.

But imagine my surprise when another daughter, Maree, asked me the same question a few weeks ago.  Oops, I had to admit I’d given my gem iron to Sandra without consulting anyone else in the family and it was now residing on the other side of the world.

Enter Trademe Home & living > Kitchen > Pots, pans & bakeware > Baking tins & trays.  And there was a gem iron with the auction due to end a few hours later.  My bid went in, I was successful and now Maree also has a gem iron and has made her first batch of gems and muffins.

first batch

The recipe is the same for gems and muffins.  Making gems (especially ginger gems) in the gem iron makes little loaves, instead of round muffins.  The Edmonds recipe for ginger gems is a New Zealand classic.  Scrumptious for morning tea or any time during the day.  Now that I have given away two gem irons, I feel the urge to make ginger gems myself.  Hmmm – so where is my gem iron???  Maybe I’ll have to wait till I visit my daughters again.





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