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Monique from South Africa told us she was allergic to eggs and wanted to find some interesting recipes without eggs.  Here is our reply to her with recipes from


Hi Monique

I’ve checked out some recipes without eggs for you on

I’ve created a link to a lot of them. Note though that most of the recipes listed under Dinner, have no eggs so you can use almost all of those recipes.

If any of the ingredients listed are not familiar to you, let me know and we’ll look for a substitute that you can get easily in South Africa.

I’ll  be very interested to know how you get on  with these recipes.

Cheers, Judy

Lunch-brunch recipes

Quick bread rolls
Mum’s pumpkin soup

Macaroni Cheese

Jeanine’s fresh tomato soup

Vegetable Soup – Graham’s winter special

Tuna and  macaroni bake

Vegetarian  lasagne

Easy  lasagne


Dinner recipes

You  can use all recipes under Dinner heading except Hamburgers or Meat patties or Saucy meat balls and pasta

In-betweens  (cakes, biscuits, scones etc)

Condensed milk fruitcake

Ginger  crunch

Hot cross buns (or spicy buns)

Gluten free  fruit cake

Chocolate truffles

Jays hokeypokey biscuits

Anzac biscuits

Date or sultana scones

Cheese scones

Station brownie fruit loaf


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