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Teddy Bear Race Cars

April 4, 2015 Filed under Children's parties, Recipes

We’ve all had tiny teddy biscuits, or animal biscuits for birthday parties. (My children only had these for special occasions). What a great idea to put them together with mini chocolate bars and smarties to make these cuties for a party. So simple. So effective.  Let the children help. They’ll have so much fun.

tiny teddies carsTeddy Bear Race Cars

1 packet of mini Mars Bars or Milky Way chocolate bars
1 family packet of smarties
1 box of Tiny Teddy biscuits
1 quantity of icing sugar icing paste for glue ( mix half cup of icing sugar and a teaspoon of cocoa powder with a few drops of hot water)
Glue each of the 4 wheels (smarties) on to the sides of the milky way bars. Press into each centre a tiny teddy biscuit. Glue on a smartie steering wheel for each one.

Thanks to Julie Taylor on Facebook.

Lemon Loaf

October 10, 2012 Filed under In-betweens

I made this loaf recently and it disappeared very quickly. It’s very lemony, very yummy and is based on an Edmonds Cookbook recipe. Read more

Cinnamon pinwheels

August 9, 2012 Filed under In-betweens

This recipe uses the basic plain scone dough to make a very tasty mid-morning treat.  If you’re entertaining friends at home or taking a plate when you go to someone else’s place for morning coffee then this is an interesting and different take on scones or muffins. Read more

Sarah’s Spicy Apple Cake

May 9, 2012 Filed under In-betweens

Every few  months, I attend a business meeting at Sarah’s place and she always has  tea, coffee and yummy food.  Mostly we meet after work so sometimes Sarah has whizzed into the supermarket on the way home.

Last month though we met on a Saturday morning and Sarah had baked this delicious Spicy Apple Cake.  The plate was empty by the end of the meeting. Good thing Sarah’s husband had his piece before he went out with their  son while we held our meeting. Read more

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