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Sweet Brioche Recipe

February 13, 2012 Filed under Breakfast / Brunch

Try this brioche recipe for Valentines Day.  Thanks The Breeze

If you can get fresh yeast, you will need 15 gms for this recipe.

Otherwise use the dried granules as set out in the recipe. Just make sure the dried yeast hasn’t gone past its use by date.

Why separate the yolks and whites of eggs?

July 25, 2011 Filed under How to...

Sometimes you only want the yolks or the whites of eggs for some recipes. For example meringues and similar recipes need egg whites only.  Others such as rich cakes may call for yolks only.  And yet others call for both the yolks and whites but to be added separately. Read more

Preheat the oven for baking

July 5, 2011 Filed under Tip of the Day

When baking, set the oven to the required temperature and preheat so the oven is ready when you are ready so that your uncooked mixture doesn’t deteriorate while you are waiting for the oven to heat up.  This is especially important when you have a mixture that includes raising agents, like beaten eggs, or baking powder, as these can start working before the mixture gets into the oven and the mixture won’t rise as it should while cooking.

Clean up as you go

April 2, 2011 Filed under Tip of the Day

When you’re baking, its worth filling the sink with hot sudsy water so you can wash the dishes as you go.  Saves a big job at the end.

If you’re baking with children it gets them into the good habit of cleaning up after themselves. They also get to realise that Mum is not just there to clean up after them.

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