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Smurf’s theme party

September 30, 2011 Filed under Children's parties

I loved The Smurfs as a kid. Only three apples tall, and blue with white clothing, they lived in a communal utopia of mushroom houses deep in a medieval forest.

Gargamel, an inept local wizard, hated their happiness, and his flea-bitten cat and sidekick Azrael (who was, indeed kicked to the side a lot) was forever hopeful that he could capture and eat one of them. Read more

Let Them Eat Cake! Kids’ Cooking Party Ideas

September 14, 2011 Filed under Let your children cook

Kids love food and many of them also love to cook! This type of theme party is such fun for the kids and for you as the parent as well. Not only can this teach them some important life skills to work their way around the kitchen, but it is also a great way to invite others over. Read more

Create Your Own Cupcake: Kids’ Cooking Party Ideas

September 14, 2011 Filed under Let your children cook

Kids love to bake and this is easy for a cooking party. Here you can let each child spoon in their own flavor of cake mix into their own liner. Each child gets a turn at this, and note which cupcake is whose, so they all know their own. Offer up chocolate, vanilla, and a fun one like funfetti for a variety of mixes. Read more

Your Child’s First Party Invitation

August 31, 2011 Filed under About Children

As you looked at your baby years ago, you may have had a hard time imagining this time coming. It may be hard to believe, but your little baby has suddenly blossomed into a preschooler! As if you didn’t have constant reminders of that on a daily basis, they have now reached a rather large milestone – they have been invited to their very first birthday party!

Read more

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