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Spiced preserved apples

April 30, 2018 Filed under Breakfast / Brunch

My neighbour has an overloaded apple tree and has asked me to help her deal with the fruit before it falls to the ground and rots. I have taken buckets of apples from her place plus some of her preserving jars so I can bottle the apples for her. Some of the jars will be plain apples in juice, others will be spiced.  Here is the recipe for spiced preserved apples.  If you just want them plain, then leave out the spices and flavours. Read more

Preserved feijoas – microwaved

May 2, 2017 Filed under Breakfast / Brunch, Dessert

I’ve preserved feijoas in jars most years to use them long after the season (late Autumn/early winter) is over.  Usually I’ve cooked the fruit on the stovetop and heated the jars in the oven to sterilise them.

This year I decided to try using the microwave oven and it is so much quicker and easier. Read more

How to freeze feijoas

April 30, 2012 Filed under Dessert

It’s feijoa time again.  The ground under my tree is a mass of green fruit and those I’m not giving away are getting eaten raw, frozen or bottled.

It’s easy to freeze feijoas.  All you have to do is peel the skins off, Read more

Preserved feijoas in a jar

April 28, 2012 Filed under Dessert

When I have a surplus of feijoas in the garden I eat them raw, make a feijoa crumble dessert, give them away or preserve them by freezing them or ‘bottling’ them.  To bottle them you only need fruit water and jars.  We used to put in loads of sugar into our bottled fruit.  It was supposed to help the fruit to keep well. Read more

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