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Chicken soup

September 4, 2015 Filed under Dinner

I’m just home in New Zealand after spending time with my daughter and grandchildren in Ireland. While I was there my son-in-law made a fantastic roast chicken dinner with roast vegetables and superb gravy. (He’s a chef so why am I surprised!)

He cooked enough to be able to make a filling chicken soup from the leftovers. This soup is very thick and almost a chicken stew. The children loved it and had chicken dinner again and again. Read more

Your Biggest Household Expense

October 10, 2014 Filed under Personal financial management

Look at your spending over the last year and you will no doubt find that, aside from your mortgage or rent, your biggest expense is food. Cutting back on how much you spend on food each week… Read more

Introducing Askmumnow

August 13, 2012 Filed under Intro


I’m delighted that is now available on mobile devices to make it much easier for you to access the content.
We also plan to update some of the information so that it is more relevant in today’s world. I’m thinking more of recipes because in the 1970s and 80s the range of ingredients available was far narrower than we have today. Our tastes have changed as well with this greater variety of flavours  and ingredients.  For example, who would have complained about the price of out-of-season avocados back then. We hardly knew what an avocado looked like let alone tasted one.
We plan to stick with the recipes that were used in the 70s and 80s and adapt them to make use of the wider range of flavours and ingredients that we have become used to. Also look for gluten-free variations and low sugar options for some of the more traditional recipes. There will also be new recipes that are not necessarily what “Mum used to make” but that are the basis for good nutritious family meals using seasonal fresh ingredients.

How often do you wish you could ask ‘Mum, how do I…?’ about things you remember from your childhood? You’ll find information, hints and tips in  recipes, ideas for children’s lunchboxes, cleaning tips, how to remove stains, budget advice and much much more.

Make part of your everyday life.

Vegetarian lasagne

May 5, 2012 Filed under Dinner

This vegetarian version of lasagne makes a very tasty meal. Read more

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