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Quick and easy dinner menu

October 31, 2018 Filed under Dinner

Here is a quick and easy dinner suggestion for you when you come home after a long day at work; or at the weekend when you’ve been in the garden or at the beach all day.  It can fast become a firm favorite with all the family, or flatmates, or whoever else you have in your household – even visitors will love it.

Macaroni and mince bake is a one-dish dinner that can be dressed up with a salad on warmer days or with a range of your favorite cooked vegetables  when the weather is cooler.  The main dish can also be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge will your ready to reheat and eat.

A good dessert to follow is Sarah’s Spicy Apple Cake. 

Because this takes around one hour to cook, it will be best to prepare this earlier in the day or when you first start preparing dinner so it is  ready to eat after the main course.

Both dishes need to use the oven so make sure your oven is large enough to fit both, especially if you need them to be in the oven at the same time. IF yo have a fan bake oven there shouldn’t be a problem as you can use two shelves.

Lemon Drizzle Cake (gluten free)

July 29, 2015 Filed under In-betweens

This makes a very moist cake with no flour. The flavour is enhanced by the lemon and sugar syrup drizzled over the top of the cake while it is still hot from the oven. Read more

Feijoa and Coconut Cake

April 23, 2013 Filed under Dessert

Its feijoa time again.  My tree is overloaded, I’m picking them up in buckets so I’m always looking for new ways to use them. Read more

To mash bananas

June 14, 2012 Filed under Tip of the Day

Even though the skins have gone black and don’t look very appetising, the banana flesh inside is often still quite tasty.  You can use this banana flesh in a variety of ways.

To mash a banana so you can use it in baking ( banana muffins, banana loaf or banana cake, put the peeled banana in a shallow bowl and squash it with a fork until it is mushy. 

It might not look very appertising but it is very tastyas it is or when cooked.

Mashed banana is one of the first solid foods recommended for babies as it is easily digested.

Mashed banana is also good for people recovering from stomach illnesses. 

You can mix in some powdered chocolate drink or cinnamon while you are mashing the banana to add a dash of extra flavour.

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