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To mash bananas

June 14, 2012 Filed under Tip of the Day

Even though the skins have gone black and don’t look very appetising, the banana flesh inside is often still quite tasty.  You can use this banana flesh in a variety of ways.

To mash a banana so you can use it in baking ( banana muffins, banana loaf or banana cake, put the peeled banana in a shallow bowl and squash it with a fork until it is mushy. 

It might not look very appertising but it is very tastyas it is or when cooked.

Mashed banana is one of the first solid foods recommended for babies as it is easily digested.

Mashed banana is also good for people recovering from stomach illnesses. 

You can mix in some powdered chocolate drink or cinnamon while you are mashing the banana to add a dash of extra flavour.

Recipes with no eggs

May 24, 2012 Filed under Recipes

Monique from South Africa told us she was allergic to eggs and wanted to find some interesting recipes without eggs.  Here is our reply to her with recipes from


Hi Monique

I’ve checked out some recipes without eggs for you on

I’ve created a link to a lot of them. Note though that most of the recipes listed under Dinner, have no eggs so you can use almost all of those recipes. Read more

Sarah’s Spicy Apple Cake

May 9, 2012 Filed under In-betweens

Every few  months, I attend a business meeting at Sarah’s place and she always has  tea, coffee and yummy food.  Mostly we meet after work so sometimes Sarah has whizzed into the supermarket on the way home.

Last month though we met on a Saturday morning and Sarah had baked this delicious Spicy Apple Cake.  The plate was empty by the end of the meeting. Good thing Sarah’s husband had his piece before he went out with their  son while we held our meeting. Read more

Condensed milk fruit cake

December 21, 2011 Filed under In-betweens

Rysnan had lost her recipe for a Most Marvellous Christmas Cake which had no eggs or sugar but involved boiling the  fruit in condensed milk.

Just when I had given up finding a similar recipe, I came across this recipe in an old recipe book my grandmother used.  Its long since lost its cover so I have no idea of the origin of the book or the recipe.  Read more

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