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Children and Science – Baking soda and vinegar volcano

August 20, 2012 Filed under Inexpensive play

I was going to stay with my daughter and grandchildren recently and before I went I thought it would be interesting to show them what happened in the kitchen when you mix baking soda and vinegar.  I do this all the time when I’m making up more kitchen cleaner (see recipe here)

Then I found the science kids web site with a lot of science ‘experiments you can do with your children.  Lots of fun in school holidays or for a wet Sunday afternoon.




Introducing Askmumnow

August 13, 2012 Filed under Intro


I’m delighted that is now available on mobile devices to make it much easier for you to access the content.
We also plan to update some of the information so that it is more relevant in today’s world. I’m thinking more of recipes because in the 1970s and 80s the range of ingredients available was far narrower than we have today. Our tastes have changed as well with this greater variety of flavours  and ingredients.  For example, who would have complained about the price of out-of-season avocados back then. We hardly knew what an avocado looked like let alone tasted one.
We plan to stick with the recipes that were used in the 70s and 80s and adapt them to make use of the wider range of flavours and ingredients that we have become used to. Also look for gluten-free variations and low sugar options for some of the more traditional recipes. There will also be new recipes that are not necessarily what “Mum used to make” but that are the basis for good nutritious family meals using seasonal fresh ingredients.

How often do you wish you could ask ‘Mum, how do I…?’ about things you remember from your childhood? You’ll find information, hints and tips in  recipes, ideas for children’s lunchboxes, cleaning tips, how to remove stains, budget advice and much much more.

Make part of your everyday life.

Calming behaviour

November 3, 2011 Filed under Tip of the Day

If the kids are getting you down, make sure they are safe then go into another room for a few minutes, turn on some soothing music and take some deep breaths before you go back to face the kids again.

Smurf’s theme party

September 30, 2011 Filed under Children's parties

I loved The Smurfs as a kid. Only three apples tall, and blue with white clothing, they lived in a communal utopia of mushroom houses deep in a medieval forest.

Gargamel, an inept local wizard, hated their happiness, and his flea-bitten cat and sidekick Azrael (who was, indeed kicked to the side a lot) was forever hopeful that he could capture and eat one of them. Read more

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