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Gluten Free Brownies

May 10, 2019 Filed under In-betweens

These brownies are so easy to make and have a crunchy base which give them a bite of difference. I served them to friends recently and they loved them, even those who are not intolerant to gluten.  Now they want the recipe. So here it is. (I forgot to take photos before the plate had been demolished!!) Read more

The Real ANZAC Biscuit Story

April 27, 2017 Filed under In-betweens, Recipes


ANZAC Day is over for another year but Anzac biscuits live on and can be made any time. There’s always been this wonderful story that ANZAC biscuits were sent and eaten by troops in Gallipoli.  Not true according to the New Zealand Army Museum researchers though there is some evidence that biscuits made with rolled oats were sent to troops on the Western Front. The myth probably began when these rolled oats biscuits we now know as Anzac biscuits were made and sold at fundraising events for the war effort. Read more

Gem irons and ginger gems

March 31, 2017 Filed under In-betweens

A few months ago my daughter Sandra asked me if I still had a gem iron – the really solid cast-iron one she remembered from her childhood.  Currently at home with small children Sandra had decided she wanted to make ginger gems in a real gem iron, the one that you heat in the oven while you prepare the mixture so when you pour the mixture in, it sizzles and you have to work quickly to get the gems in the oven.

gem iron

Read more

Start Saving with Two Simple Steps

March 10, 2013 Filed under Personal financial management

Kiwis are being urged to “Think, Shrink, Grow’ by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income in their campaign to improve our money habits. We’ve heard that ‘Think’ means to set goals and plan ahead and ‘Shrink’ is all about getting rid of debt, especially ‘dumb’ debt. Once you have set your goals and tackled debt, it is time to ‘Grow’ your savings. Read more

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