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Potted plants in small garden spaces

April 13, 2015 Filed under Gardening in small spaces

There are lots of ways to make the most of your small garden space.  You may not be able to grow the range of vegetables your parents and grandparetns grew on the bigger slices of land that were typical in the mid-late 20th century.  But that doesn’t mean you need to go without a garden at all. Check out these suggestions from Jane Wrigglesworth

I’m amazed at what some older people are doing in the retirement villages where they often only have a few square meters around their front and back door.  I’ve seen some raised gardens where they grow enough vegetables to be almost self sufficient.  Not a bad achievement.

For more garden and other ideas have a look at our Pinterest posts.

Getting rid of aphids on roses

September 29, 2014 Filed under Soul food

Aphids are tiny green insects that love the soft new growth on rose bushes.  They tend to cluster around the new buds and chew away the flower bud and stem.

Before they spread too much you can remove them by squashing them between your finger and thumb.

Or spray them with a hose to wash them off.  You will need a hose nozzle that gives a strong spray. Do this every day for up to a week till the aphids are washed off the soil (or been dealt to by the good garden insects).

You can also make an organic spray with:

2 drops of dish washing detergent
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cooking oil of any kind
1 teaspoon salt

  1. Put all items in a 24 oz. S(700ml) spray bottle.
  2. Fill spray bottle with cold water.
  3. Spray the aphids.

Enjoy your aphid free roses.


Reikorangi ramblings – dahlias in the garden

April 2, 2012 Filed under Soul food

Yes, this is real . This dahlia from my garden is 20cm across.

Spring is the time to plant dahlia tubers, but of course they are flowering now and are marvelous for providing colour for the late summer/autumn garden. Read more

Flowering baskets

March 2, 2012 Filed under Soul food

I love my flowering, hanging baskets. I have them outside my house and they welcome me home with their bright cheeriness.

If you want to do the same, buy a 350mm wire basket, some best-quality potting mix, a bag of sphagnum moss and 24 seedlings in punnets (6 per punnet).

I do 3 rounds of 6 plants in the sides and 6 plants in the top.

I prefer to use one or two flower varieties so that the baskets look quite even when the plants grow.

Water them well, every other day.

Ann's hanging basket

The accompanying photo is of a basket 5 weeks old.

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