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Feijoa and ginger jam

May 1, 2018 Filed under Extras

As with every other year, I have a massive crop of feijoas and I’ve bottled them, frozen them and juiced them.  So now I’m into making feijoa jam.  Read more

Its feijoa season again – love ’em or hate ’em!

April 22, 2018 Filed under Home post

This afternoon when I was  out enjoying the Autumn sunshine, it seems that every street had at least one table or box at their gate with a sign saying ‘Feijoas $2 per bag.” It’s the same every year with people who have a feijoa tree having more than they can use and other people who don’t have a tree or even a garden,  are desperate to get them without paying the supermarket prices (can be up to $9 ore even more).

So what to do with all these feijoas.  Well I’ve given lots away,  I bottle them, freeze them and this year I’ve made jam – which was very easy and will keep this household in jam for sometime. .  I’ve also made a feijoa and ginger upside-down cake and tonight it was a feijoa take on the chocolate self-saucing pudding.  Both these desserts are delicious and I’ll be posting the recipes very soon.




How to freeze feijoas

April 30, 2012 Filed under Dessert

It’s feijoa time again.  The ground under my tree is a mass of green fruit and those I’m not giving away are getting eaten raw, frozen or bottled.

It’s easy to freeze feijoas.  All you have to do is peel the skins off, Read more

Preserved feijoas in a jar

April 28, 2012 Filed under Dessert

When I have a surplus of feijoas in the garden I eat them raw, make a feijoa crumble dessert, give them away or preserve them by freezing them or ‘bottling’ them.  To bottle them you only need fruit water and jars.  We used to put in loads of sugar into our bottled fruit.  It was supposed to help the fruit to keep well. Read more

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