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Your Biggest Household Expense

October 10, 2014 Filed under Personal financial management

Look at your spending over the last year and you will no doubt find that, aside from your mortgage or rent, your biggest expense is food. Cutting back on how much you spend on food each week… Read more

How to wash new teatowels

July 31, 2014 Filed under Cleaning hints and tips

Soozie has written:

“I have bought some new tea towels and dish cloths.I washed them before use but they’re no good!!! When i try to clean up water with the dish cloths or wipe the dishes with the tea towels it’s like using a plastic bag. the material doesn’t absorb the moisture. In my Nana’s day she put something into the wash water (first wash) and it seemed to fix the problem and the material would then absorb water.  Do you know what this was that Nana used to put into the first wash water”.

I think your Nana would have added white vinegar to the first wash of new tea towels.  And she would have used hot water for that first wash.

I suggest you try washing your new tea towels and dish cloths in a hot wash with  one cup of white vinegar.

It may take 2-3 washes as the cotton used in teatowels today is very different and much poorer quality material than the linen teatowels your Nana would have used.

Once you start using your teatowels don’t use fabric softener in the wash or rinse as the softener is silicon-based and leave s a film on the fabric so it doesn’t absorb water. You can continue to add vinegar to the rinse cycle to keep your teatowels soft .

Curry stain on carpet

July 28, 2013 Filed under Stain removal

If you have spilled some curry on the carpet, try to clean it up as soon as you can.  It is the turmeric in the curry mixture that causes the stain and the problem.

Make a mixture of Read more

Organic oven cleaning method

July 26, 2013 Filed under Cleaning hints and tips

Most of us are aware of and dislike intensely the awful smell of chemical oven cleaners.

The good news is that you don’t need to use these cleaners.  Salt of good old baking soda and vinegar will do the trick without the chemical invasion of your kitchen.

Jill Ettinger has put it very nicely here so there is no need to me to repeat it all.


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