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Money togetherness – your relationship with money

November 2, 2018 Filed under Personal financial management

Your relationship with money is often a reflection of who you are as a person and how you interact with the world.

If you are by nature a cautious person, you will probably be very careful with your money.

Likewise, if you are a go-getting risk taker in life, chances are you will take risks with your money.

The way in which money is managed within a relationship often reflects how committed the relationship is and how the two people concerned have dealt with their individual differences in their relationship with money.

Read more excellent advice from Liz Koh, the Moneymax coach

Good investment advice – how to find a financial adviser

October 27, 2018 Filed under Personal financial management

One of the barriers to people working with a financial adviser is knowing who to talk to. The relationship between an adviser and a client is founded on trust and it takes time to develop. There is an element of risk in putting your trust in someone when you don’t know them that well, but there are some signals that can indicate whether you are talking to the right person.

Liz Koh, the Moneymax coach, has some excellent advice for you to help you find  a suitable financial adviser.

The Sandwich Generation

July 13, 2015 Filed under Personal financial management, Retirement

The changing nature of families is putting real pressure on middle aged adults who are having to support more than one generation. These are the members of the so-called sandwich generation. Increased longevity means that retirees are more likely to run out of money before the end of their life and turn to their offspring for help.  Read more from Liz Koh at Moneymax

Build Wealth with Old-Time Money Values

September 9, 2014 Filed under Personal financial management

Our forebears lived through hard times and, if they were alive today, would no doubt remark that we live in luxury by comparison.

Despite their meagre household incomes and large families, by  and large they were able to provide the essentials of life for their families without handouts from the Government and without going broke. Read more

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