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Smaller Investors Miss Out on Advice

October 5, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

One of the unfortunate consequences of increased regulation of financial advisers is that some smaller investors now find themselves squeezed out of the market for personalized investment advice.

There are two types of investment advisers who are able to give advice to the public: Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) and Qualifying Entity Advisers (QFE advisers). Read more

Speculator or Investor?

June 23, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

It is very tempting when you have a small amount of money to invest to try and turn it into a much bigger amount by taking a chance on risky investments. With luck on your side, and careful research, it is possible to double your money, but only by accepting the possibility that an alternative outcome may be a significant loss. Seeking extraordinary returns on money invested through accepting high levels of risk is speculation. Read more

Get to Know your Investments

January 31, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

It is not uncommon for investors, particularly those in superannuation or retirement savings schemes, to be unfamiliar with how their money is being invested. All too often, there is disillusionment when the investment does not perform in line with the investor’s expectations. Read more

Food for Thought – The True Cost of Lunch

December 14, 2011 Filed under Personal financial management

People who complain about not having enough money to enjoy life are often guilty of spending their money on things that aren’t important to them but which make them feel good for a few brief moments. The classic example of this is money spent on takeaway food and drink, especially lunches and coffee breaks at work.

If you spend $10 a day on lunch, that’s $50 a week. If you ‘brown bag’ your lunch and instead invest $50 a week Read more

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