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Money togetherness – your relationship with money

November 2, 2018 Filed under Personal financial management

Your relationship with money is often a reflection of who you are as a person and how you interact with the world.

If you are by nature a cautious person, you will probably be very careful with your money.

Likewise, if you are a go-getting risk taker in life, chances are you will take risks with your money.

The way in which money is managed within a relationship often reflects how committed the relationship is and how the two people concerned have dealt with their individual differences in their relationship with money.

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The Three Bucket Approach to Retirement

July 4, 2015 Filed under Retirement

frm LIz Koh at Moneymax comes some sound advice on how best to get income from investments in retirement. She says this is a problem that has many possible solutions.

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Get More Happiness for your Money

December 16, 2013 Filed under Personal financial management

One of the world’s most successful investors, Warren Buffet, made a pledge in 2006 to give away 99% of his fortune during his lifetime or on his death.

Since making this decision to give away his wealth, Buffet says he ‘couldn’t be happier’ and ‘the asset I most value, aside from health, is interesting, diverse, and long-standing friends’. Read more

The ‘As If’ Principle for planning ahead with your money

September 21, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

One of the most useful techniques for planning ahead with your money is what I call the ‘As If’ Principle.

It is a really simple technique that clearly identifies in advance whether a specific goal is achievable, while at the same time, helping you achieve it! Read more

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