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gardening ideas for small spaces

January 3, 2014 Filed under Gardening in small spaces

Here are some innovative ideas for you to try if you want to have a garden but have very little room.  Or even if you have plenty of room but want to create something different.

Linda Hancock suggests making garden boxes using old drawers. 

Or you could create a herb or vegetable garden on your deck using wooden crates

What about half barrels and old tin tubs

There’s actually no end to what you can use to grow your garden.  The limit is your imagination – and what’s available to you.

If its summer where you are, go hunting around your property or second hand shops for potential containers.  If its winter for you right now, then you can think about what you might find and use next summer.

Make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom and fill the container with a good garden or potting mix.  Then plant your seedlings and watch them grow.


School holidays activities 2. Start a garden indoors

July 24, 2013 Filed under Inexpensive play

Winter school holidays can be a challenge to find activities to keep the children occupied when its often cold and wet.

Starting seeds is a fun activity, and it’s great to do with kids! Read more

Turning dough into free seeds

October 19, 2011 Filed under Growing vegetables

Thousands of packets of free organic vegetable seed are being made available to gardens at schools, kindergartens and kohanga reo across the country by Paraparaumu’s award winning Purebread.

For more information go to Get Kids Growing with Organic Seeds

Home Harvest raised garden beds

July 4, 2011 Filed under Growing vegetables

Do you appreciate the quality of fresh, chemical-free, organic vegetables?

If you would like an organic vegetable garden but don’t have the time or the knowledge to build and maintain one all by yourself then Home Harvest can help you. Read more

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