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Mind that Gap- age differences in relationships

April 4, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

There are numerous examples of celebrity relationships with a large age gap between partners (Michael and Catherine, Woody and Soon-Yi, Calista and Harrison) and such relationships are increasingly common throughout society. The success of any relationship relies on good communication and negotiation of differences so the needs of both partners can be met. Financial issues due to age differences are among those that need to be resolved. Read more here… Mind that Gap.doc

Money Issues for Blended Families

February 27, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

Getting together with a new partner can have its difficulties, especially when there are children from a previous relationship involved. While there are many practical issues to resolve, often the most complex are to do with money. Read more

Redesign your Life

August 28, 2011 Filed under Personal financial management

Have you ever wished you could do something completely different with your life? Many people live their lives in a linear fashion, with one step logically following another, only to realise that the place they have ended up in doesn’t give them happiness or fulfilment. In the extreme, what results is often termed a mid-life crisis that can involve sudden changes in relationships, careers, finances and lifestyles. If you are unhappy with the path that you are on, you have two choices: stay on it and remain unfulfilled, or Read more

Secret Spenders

August 21, 2011 Filed under Personal financial management

One of the advantages of being a single person is you can spend your own money on what you want, when you want. Of course, the downside is there isn’t another person to share the cost, so freedom comes at a price. Getting together with another person usually means setting agreed financial goals and this can lead to feelings of guilt when you spend money on anything other than what has been agreed. Just as there are people who eat chocolate bars when no one is watching, there are those who secretly spend. Read more

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