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Is your Boss Short Changing You? Advice on Kiwisaver

August 1, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

Financial literacy is still a major issue in New Zealand, particularly with regard to retirement savings.

A recent online survey by ASB showed a huge gap for most people between Read more

Six Common Pitfalls of Retirement

July 28, 2012 Filed under Healthy living

How to Avoid the Six Common Pitfalls of Retirement

Retirement is something that most people look forward to but it is a major life change that needs to be planned if you want to get the most out of it. Stepping into retirement without having thought ahead means you run the risk of your retirement expectations not being met. The key to enjoying life at any stage is to have balance between all the things that are important to you. Read more

Are you on track to your financial goals?

July 25, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

One of questions most frequently asked of financial advisers by clients who are mid-way through life, is “Am I on track?” While it is not exactly a mid-life crisis kind of question, it seems to arise at about the time people realise they are past the half way point to retirement.

Your financial journey through life is a bit like running a marathon. Read more

Retiring on KiwiSaver

July 2, 2012 Filed under Personal financial management

A KiwiSaver milestone will be reached in July this year, five years after KiwiSaver was first introduced. When a KiwiSaver member reaches the official age of retirement (currently 65) and has been in the fund for a minimum of five years they can choose to withdraw their funds or leave them invested in KiwiSaver. Read more

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