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Roses – organic control of black spot and powdery mildew

April 25, 2013 Filed under Soul food

Baking soda is a godsend in the kitchen and laundry but is less well known as an organic control of rose diseases, especially powdery mildew and black spot.  Try this baking soda spray on your roses.  Read more

Roses – pre-pruning tips

June 17, 2012 Filed under Soul food

If you are fond of your roses, now is a good time to give them their first haircut before the serious prune in July. Cut back your standard and bush roses by half, getting rid of dead and thin branches and tidy your climbing roses too. Then spray with lime sulphur which will get rid of the remaining leaves and reduce the disease and pest problems for the coming summer. (Make sure you clear away all the prunings and be careful not to spray evergreen plants in the vicinity of your roses.)





Contributed by Ann Davis of Reikorangi at Annies Gardens

Rose growing notes – May

April 27, 2012 Filed under Soul food

May should be a relaxed time in the rose calendar. The odd spray to keep them clean of disease and cutting the odd bloom that may appear. Do not dead head the bushes now. Leave that to pruning time. If you dead head the plant will try to produce new buds and that energy is best stored in the bush to give it a start in the spring. Read more

How to prune roses

June 20, 2011 Filed under Soul food

A rose bush, unlike a tree, does not grow by producing shoots which steadily increase in size every year. A rose stem grows actively and bears flowers for only a few years, after which the upper portion becomes exhausted. A new shoot then appears from a bud lower down the stem. The part above the new shoot dies.

This means that a bush left unpruned becomes a tangled mass of dead and live wood bearing flowers of poor quality on spindly stems. Read more

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