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Easy winter dinner

July 19, 2018 Filed under Intro

Its been a wet and rather miserable winter in New Zealand this year.  However there are some things that work really well to lift everyone spirits on these cold grey days.

One that I really like is this recipe for Graham’s thick vegetable soup I now make it in a slow cooker and it lasts a few days unless I freeze some.  It’s great to come home to after a day out – for a quick filling meal accompanied by some crusty bread picked up for the bakery or supermarket on the way home.

While the soup is heating I quickly make a self-saucing chocolate pudding so it cooks while we’re eating our bowls of soup.  Its even quicker if you make the microwaved version that will be cooked before you’ve cleared away the soup bowls.

A very quick and easy winter meal that the whole family will enjoy (Except perhaps those who still object to vegetables in any form.  Maybe they will have a bowl of plain pasta instead).

Nana’s Pumpkin (or Squash) Soup

April 20, 2011 Filed under Lunch

Pumpkins are in season right now. Although you can buy them all the year round, pumpkins ripen and are picked in Autumn. They can be stored in a dry place for several months but get more expensive to buy later in the year.

Pumpkin soup is a glorious warm looking yellow soup that is a firm favourite.  This recipe has been used in our home for many years.

Pumpkins are also known worldwide as Squash.

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winter school lunchbox ideas

June 11, 2010 Filed under Encouraging young appetites

To make a change from sandwiches in your child’s shool lunchbox in the winter, try some of these winter warm-up ideas. Read more

Soup in a flask

June 7, 2010 Filed under Encouraging young appetites

Make a big pot of your child’s favourite soup – maybe tomato, pumpkin, or vegetable.

Heat a serving size to a point where it is a bit hotter than your child normally likes their soup (to allow for some cooling during the morning). Read more

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